My Treo 650 (Palm OS), which I've been using for last three years, suddenly starts behaving strangely since the day light saving was changed. I installed the new Daylight saving update since March and nothing was wrong until this daylight saving passed.
I have two clock programs, besides pre-installed World time. One is Cuckoo clock and the another one is SplashClock. I thought something to do with those, so tried to uninstall them. However, I suddenly cannot use the touchscreen and also "del" function.
The keyboard and the navigation are working, but when I clicked "OK" for del application, it does not show any list of applications. I do not remember exactly but I believe it showed the list of applications, when I choose the del. Isn't it?

Although the battery indicator shows full, is this time to change a new battery? I of course did the soft and hard reboot and took out the battery more than 5 minutes...no luck.

Does anyone have any idea or the same problem as I do and how to fix this?

I will be greatly appreciated for your help.
Thank you very much.