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    you think the 680 was the last phone that palm will sell unlocked and unbranded?
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    Sprint has an exclusive for the first 90 days or so.
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    Someone will find a way to unluck the Centro. They always do.
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    Couldn't someone take a vodaphone treo 500 V and make it usable on ATT or Verizon??
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    unlocking the Centro is easy... but as a CDMA phone, that doesn't help much. Verizon will not activate non-VZW phones.

    a GSM Centro has not been released yet, so that leaves AT&T and Tmo out.

    the Treo 500v is a completely different GSM phone (not PalmOS, Windows Smartphone, no touch screen), so it won't work with Verizon, but could be made to work with Tmobile, not so well with AT&T since the 500v is only tri-band GSM (no 850Mhz).

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