SMSPager lets you send and receive SMS messages. SMSPager is simple in design, to use and is packed with full of features. Custom picture can be assigned to individual Contacts. When you receive a message from that contact their picture will be displayed with the message.

Each custom filter you can set a different Alert for audible notification. You can select any MIDI, AMR and MP3 file to use as the SMS alert sound and picture ID. You can set the number of times to repeat up to 20 times or forever. Addition you can set how often to repeat the audio alert. Optionally with vibrate.

When you reply to a sender SMSPager can group the conversation into a thread so that you can easily follow the conversation.

For privacy you can set to only notify you with Notification manager and sound which do not show the new text message.

For greater security with your text messages you can assign a password to protect SMSPager from unauthorized use. Users must enter the correct password before SMSPager can be launched.

For even greater security you can optionally encrypt the Inbox and all the threads. Encrypted messages can only be read by you. SMSPager uses the best and strongest AES 256bits encryption.


* Custom filter for individual text message
* Custom JPG picture ID for individual text message
* Filter and block unwanted text messages
* Threaded message easily follow the conversation
* Privacy mode. Only show notification and not the text message when receiving new message
* MIDI/AMR/WAV/MP3 SMS Ringtone for individual text message
* Alert manager to repeatedly alert you of new text message
* Full SMS text message application. Can set to replace the Messaging app
* Smiley support
* Quick text message
* Multiple Mail boxes: Inbox, Outbox, Sentbox, Junkbox
* Secure password protection when Launching SMSPager. Don't allow other people to run SMSPager
* AES256 bits industry standard encryption to protect your messages
* Export Thread messages to MemPad or text file on the SD card
* Create appointment for the sender
* Create new Task for the sender
* Hotlinks for email, weblink and phone numbers
* Forward message
* Send to multiple recipients
* Does not required to quit the current application when receiving new msg
* Can replace your physical pager.
* Call sender
* Support for 3rd party application such as TakePhone, Agendus and many more
* Intuitive and colorful user interface


* TreoŽ 600/650/700P/680/755/Centro
* 200K of main memory
* Lightwav, PocketTunes or AeroPlayer for wav/MP3 SMS ring tone

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