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    Every time I try to send a MMS I get: "Your message was not sucessfully sent. The networking connection was interrupted. This message will be resent automatically."

    Palm Support asked me to do a Hard Reset. I really thought that this reset wouldn't change a thing but it actually worked.

    Next thing I did was restore my backup and do a Hotsync. Obviouslly MMS stopped working again.

    I'm a lazy ******* and I don't want to re-install every single app, one by one, to understand which one is messing with my MMS.

    Anyone with some brilliant idea? Like an application that tells me which other apps are running in background or something like that that might hurt my poor MMS?

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    I had the same problem and after returning one phone and having it happen on the other one, I finally got relief from the guy at the ATT store. He found out that some setting on my account was wrong, some switch that wasn't allowing MMS's.
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    I had the error message on my unlocked AT&T with T-Mobile in the UK.

    The MMS IP address was "x.x.x.010:2020" - I changed the ip address to "x.x.x.10" and made sure "web2.0" was unchecked. Finally it worked!

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