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    Does anyone have a tether hack to use with the AT&T Treo 680 and Internet Explorer on Windows XP ?

    I did a search and everything I find points to the 700 series.

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    Not sure about any hacks, but PDANet works great for me.
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    You don't need a teather hack. Turn on Bt on your laptop, turn it on for the 680; under dial up networking for BT, search for the 680, pair them, and there you go.
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    OK, I'll try that way to see if I know how to do it.

    I tried the other one and it does everything automatically. WOW, it's awesome. Have you used it for a long time or is this a new product ?

    After I try the other way I think it's time to change to unlimited web time and screw the iPhone !!
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    Think I'll have to go with PDAnet because my laptop doesn't have bluetooth. Oh well, thanks anyway.

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