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    Here's what happened :

    I was using my SIM card on a Motorola L2.
    I was using a Palm Zire 72 for everything else.
    I put all my phone contacts on the SIM card.
    I installed it on my new Treo 680.

    When I did a sync with Desktop it added all my contacts and now I have duplicate contacts on the Treo and the Desktop. It was easy to delete the duplicates on the desktop so I did that and then figured I could overwrite the Treo on the next sync. WRONG. Now all my contacts are on my Treo 3 times !

    The Desktop is now cleaned up with no duplicates.

    Is there a way to delete all of my contacts on the Treo and sync my desktop again into the Treo without having to :

    1- do a hard reset and have to install and reconfigure the Treo again from scratch


    2- delete the contacts one at a time which would take forever.

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    The first thing to do is go to the Phone application and go to the contacts tab that shows the list of your contacts. Press menu and go to Options and then Preferences (or just press Menu R). Uncheck the box that says Show SIM Phonebook. This should eliminate one set of duplicates.

    You can also delete the entire Contacts database. You will need an app like FileZ(freeware). Install and open it. Look for the file entitled ContactsDB-PAdd. That should be your contacts file. Change your hotsync on your desktop to Desktop overwrites handheld and you should be back in business.
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    OK, I used FileZ and deleted 2 files that said Contacts.... then sync with Desktop overwriting the Treo.

    Worked perfect !!!

    Thanks again,

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