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    I have set up my email (standard pop3) and when i press 'Get' I get the blue circle and it takes forever to check (30+ seconds) My screen turns off before its finished!

    my 755p was very quick and i got the status of what it was doing - recieving message 1 of 10, etc...

    anybody else?
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    yep, we are all having this issue
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    I think it works killer with an EAS account. Who cares if it take 30 seconds to get your POP Mail if you don't have to wait anyway. Unlike the old version of Versamail it can work in the background while you do other stuff. Set it to autosync every 15min or 5min and you wont even notice that it is getting your mail.

    You folks needs to see the advantages of this new VM not the wait time thats really no big deal.
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    ^^^I'm sorry but what? Great...I can set up autosync every 15 minutes...whoopee.... Sometimes one really needs to manually check email....and this 45 second delay or whatever is a true annoyance and not one real need for it to exist. Somebody f'ed up some code writing for this to be happening.

    Great...autosync works...but they broke something else? That's not a glass half-empty argument...that's a the glass is half the size that it used to be argument.
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    Bringing this thread back to life, has anybody used another program that works faster? As others, I'm going from the 755 to the Centro and it is much slower. I tried the demo of Snapper and it's OK.
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    yes, i'm trying snapper too and it's much faster than vm.

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