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    I just unlocked a Cingular Treo 650, and now I'm trying to get on the Web via Blazer.

    It told me my network settings were misconfigured, and I see that in Preferences >> Network, it does have Cingular-related information in there.

    What settings do I need to use the T-Mobile network?

    Further, I see a lot of confused information about plans on this other thread. What's the current recommendation for data plans?

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    The TMobile SIM card automatically provides the entries on the network connection.

    Data plans with TMobile varies from the limited port to the unlimited data.

    The unlimited data now cost about $40 because they bundled the Wifi access.

    The lowest cost is about $6 but limited port. You can use the proxy to surf but some users complain about losing access from time to time.
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    Got it, thanks. However, I did find that I had to modify the network settings, and T-Mobile knew how to tell me what to do:

    Preferences >> Network:
    Service: t-zones
    Connection: GPRS
    Username: <Blank>
    Password: <Blank>

    They suggested as the home page.
    Preferences >> Advanced >> Set Proxy:
    Proxy Server:
    Port: 8080

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