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    Just picked up a Centro the other day. When comparing the screen to my 755p, I notice the Centro's screen has a purplish tint to it. Its nothing crazy, but there is clearly a difference. The 755p whites are very white while the Centro's white is white with a hint of purple.

    I exchanged it for a 2nd one and it was the same.

    Also, when in a call I sometimes hear a high-pitched noise - its pretty faint but I can definately hear it.

    Anybody else notice these issues or am I just crazy?
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    The 755 seemed more yellow to me. I don't notice the purple tint nor the high pitch noise. I will make some calls and test it then report back. Did both of your centros do this?
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    Both had the same screen hue. I didnt start noticing the noise until yesterday, and still hearing it today - but not all the time or every call.

    My 700p used to do the same thing - and that is documented on TC by other members. I dunno, maybe Im just being anal. In a few weeks, I wont care.

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