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    I'm somewhat interested in having a backup of a personally owned dvd on my Centro for watching in case spare time arises in the field.

    Looking at Acala DVD to Pocket PC movie Version 2.8.5

    Profile settings for Video/Audio Bitrate (which one would be best?)

    Low: Video: 384kbps, Audio: 48kbps
    Acceptable: Video 512kbps, Audio 64kbps
    Normal: Video 640kbps, Audio: 80kbps
    Medium: Video: 769kbps, Audio: 96kpbs
    Excellent: Video: 896kbps, Audio: 112kbps
    Superb: Video: 1024kbps, Audio: 128kbps

    Frame Size: options 160x120 to 720x320, however common sense says choose 320x240 for this option.

    Frame Rate: options 14.985 to 30 (I have no clue about this)

    Aspect Ratio: 4:3 or 16:9 would depend on what the source is and output would be set similarly.

    I converted a chapter and the resulting file is an AVI with XVID video compression. Does the Centro's builtin software allow to playback this type of file or should I purchase some other palm program.

    Thanks in advance for any tips...
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    You can find a free download called TCPMP (The Core Pocket Media Player). Make sure when you install it that you also install the codecs. That will enable the playing of your movie.

    I use FairUse Wizard for converting. The free version of that program works just fine.

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