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    I have a 2gb micro sd card that I use in a full size adapter. I was listening to music and it suddenly stopped. I look at my phone and there was no music in the playlist. I tried to select all music but it was not showing any songs that I could select. All my music and all my pictures that were on my card are gone. When I look at the card info it says that I have 447.7 MB of 1936.8 MB. But there is nothing on there that I can find. I have put my card in my card reader on my PC and still not able to find anything. Why would this happen? What can I do to recover the data?

    Thank you in advanced.

    Brian Shepherd
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    The same exact thing happened to me last week. One minute, pics and music (actually, all music, MP4s and avis) were there - next minute, they were gone. Fortunately, I had backups but no explanation as to why only these files were deleted from my card. I blamed it on my new 8GB Transcend, but obviously, others are having this issue with other cards,

    Any ideas would be appreciated.


    Yer pal,


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    I found out what happened. My cards partition was messed up somehow. I downloaded Data Doctor and it was able to detect my files. However the demo version will not let you restore the files. It costs $69 to have the ability to restore. None of the files were that important that I am going to spend that much money.

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