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    I installed te trial of TreoSelecText on my 755p ad it worked great. I purchased the full version and now it no longer works :-0 SIGH!

    Anyone know anything about this?
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    You could try the freeware FieldPlus instead.
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    I'm using Version 4.0 on my 755p and it's working fine.
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    I'm using v4.3 on my Treo 700p.

    Good Luck
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    A soft reset did the trick! How many times do we read how a soft reset fixes things?? I don't know why I didn't think to try it sooner :-0

    Highlighting the phone# and then clicking dial is a great feature to use in calendar, after using menu L. This replaces my need for a more expensive, hard drive clogging, long learning curve, harder to backup 3rd party calendar.

    Shortcut5 and the macros to make a custom date/time stamp, allowed me to turn memo into a journal with memos filed by date.

    It's been a sucessful, productive weekend tweaking my PIMs :-)

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