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    The microphone in my Treo 680 recently stopped working. The phone works OK with headphones, so it may be the microphone is disconnected, or is broken.

    Is there anything I can try to do myself before sending the phone back to Palm for repair? The phone is well out of warranty, I got it soon after the 680 was released.
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    The mechanical switch inside the headphone jack is stuck, detecting that a wired headset or earphones are plugged in.

    Insert and remove the plug several times in quick succession to free the switch. If this is not successful, put one drop of WD40 on the plug, let excess drip off and insert/remove again a few times.
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    If not, don't be afraid to take it the cell phone service center, this happened to me twice and they gave me a new one.
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    I just had this same problem. If I have to exchange it, that will be phone number 4 or 5, in addition to the 4 batteries I've gone through IN ONE YEAR.

    Praying WD-40 will work...
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    It worked!!! Thank you for saving me from yet another return.

    That fix was almost as cool as the time I fixed a dead pixel in a new LCD by flicking it.
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    Same thing recently happened to me. I wish I knew about the WD40 thing. Got a new 680 which I'm happy with, though.

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