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    i'm getting an AirSamState error related to contacts. i'm not sure why i'm getting the error. I assume i've either got a corrupt contact or it does not like how my Outlook contacts are set up.

    Has anyone received this error? If so, how did you resolve? If I have to rebuild my contacts, what is the best process to do that?


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    Generally, you have to delete your Exchange account off the phone. Then set it up from scratch.
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    that would be a lot easier than trying to delete all my contacts. Thanks for the response.

    I welcome any other suggestions also.
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    dbFixit or something like that from Pimlico software (the Datebk6 guy) can find and correct corrupt databases.

    I may not have the correct name.
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    Cool. I will check Google for this. Thanks for the tip.
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    Well, I'm finally back in the US and will tackle this problem. Its driving me crazy. I think its the way my contacts are setup in Outlook.

    Any other tips on things to try would be welcomed.



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