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    For those of you that want a voice dialer, Propel for Palm OS Professional Edition has an app that works pretty well. You have to train it but after searching for days, this is the only dialer I found that works on this phone. It works for apps as well as contacts. You can download a trial version at:
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    Personally, I like Treo Voice Dialing by Voice Signal on my 755 anyway (not entirely sure if it works on a Centro though.) Besides the subscription link that Palm gives you, Treo Voice Dialing is the only one I've seen which doesn't require you to program in every single name you want to voice dial.
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    Treo Voice Dialing doesn't work on the Centro (message that it is incompatible with the device). I sent email to VoiceSignal (now owned by Nuance, the company that makes the monthly charge service for voicedialing) and they said they are looking at making voice dial compatible with the Centro.

    I have my doubts since they are now owned by Nuance.
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    I heard the Nuance buyout fell through? Anyway, I had VoiceSignal software on my old phone and it worked 99% of the time right on the money. It's great because you don't have to train it unless you have a really thick accent or something. I talked with Palm Support and their engineers are working on getting the Treo Voice Dial software, made by VoiceSignal, compatible with Centro, so I would wait if at all possible!
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    Nah..If you go to their web-site:

    You can see the buyout closed on 8/24.

    When I chatted through email with a guy at voicesignal, the first thing he mentioned was the Nuance product and that they were owned by Nuance. He did say that would look at making their voicedial product compatible with the Centro. Probably it will work fine as long as they change the check to determine the device type.

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