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    I just went to to test my speed out (a number of times just to get a baseline) and the results are...



    I've had the 600, 650....held off on the 700....but when they got rid of the attenna, I had to ugrade to the 755p. And other than no attenna, the other main reason for upgrading was the "broadband like" speeds.

    Pleeeeease, somebody tell me what's happening here. I've read that everything goes through sprint's servers for reformatting yada yada yada, but anything less than 250kbps is unacceptable. I signed up for powervision, have 4 bars and its still slow.

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    I'm 184. While not broadband, considerably better than the 650.
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    I have a 700p and this happens from time to time.
    I think it's something with Sprint's servers and it clears up in about a week.
    You could switch to fast mode in Blazer and see how that works.
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    Thanks for your input lamourish and patchs.

    I just ran another test @ and it came up at 1.3Mbps (1306Kbps or 159kB/s), so I guess that's acceptable.

    Arrggh...the whole kilobit and kilobyte thing has got me confused. Just ran it on for my home internet connection (DSL) and it came up 1.2mbps/ is my phone internet really faster than my home internet?
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    DSL reports doesn't work 100%, you should try this, its a more accurate. On your Treo click/type:

    click on speed meter, see what you get.
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