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    We get it. This thread was addressing how Palm is changing direction, we all hope, by getting a larger market share, which will help all of us, and if the changes are effective. The Centro is a major development and is the first product that reflects this change. I think we all believe the Centro is a good sign of more to come. I think you need to see one in person before jumping all over it, especially when comparing it to your 700.
    I will be the first to admit my 700 sucks @$$, and my wife would be the first to admit that I am an @$$. My 700 gets me by and I don't think the Centro Merits buying without a full subsidy so close to the end of my contract. I would rather wait until the better things to come from Palm when out of contract when I hope Sprint will be eating out of my hands. I do understand the issues that others are having that cannot be tolerated, especially when they depend on their devices for business or personal use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KStewart View Post
    Sorry fellas...I didn't realize the same O'l Frankengarnet with tweaking in a new shiny plastic case from the dime store was so innovative.
    To each his own. God bless America. I can honestly say though, that whatever they put inside that "new shiny plastic case from the dime store" runs Frankengarnet "way betta". Almost makes it seem like an upgraded OS. I haven't had to take my battery cover off once because of freezes and don't experience resets and lags like I did with the 755P. I think this is a great move for Palm. I do think that owners of 700P's and 755P's should at least be offered a very reasonble upgrade. I understand that there is always something better being developed but those two models are deffective or were very poorly designed for the OS.
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    I have no great admiration for the marketing decisions of Palm, but it seems to me that they positioned the Centro as entry-level because they're going to bring out some other more expensive phone later.
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    What phone would that be?

    The Centro is likely the last POS phone (along with the 500).

    You think there is going to be an 800p? Exactly what would be added?

    800w, sure, but even that threatens to be ho-hum by the time it's out.
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    I've used the Centro for a little over a week now and I have to say, for my use, it is better than my 755, 700Wx, and Mogul. The bottom line, it works with no lag and the size makes it much easier to carry. There is no way this phone does not seem 'professional'. If it keeps me connected and gets the job done, that's professional. It certainly does not look 'cheap'. To each his own is guess, but people saying 'cheap looking', I just don't get it. I guess the 'professional' look is big and clunky. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike my 755 and 700Wx. they work and do a good job, but the Centro just works faster and the fact that BT works better, for me, and the size puts it above them in my opinion.

    I have read over and over that Palm is behind because they keep the same ole OS, but then I talk to people I support in my company and for them Palm is simple and they like that. That's partially what brought me back to Palm OS. I was spending too much time with my Mogul and 700Wx tweaking the device. Why, I finally asked? Why not go back to basics to something that works like it was intended to and is pleasant to carry?

    Just like everyone else, this is just my opinion. Obviously, everyone has their own opinion. That doesn't make one person right and the others wrong.
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    Last time I checked something dependable, reliable, stable, efficient, easy to use, simple and smaller is professional. Being reasonably priced makes it that more likely to be phased in over BB or others.
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