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    Ok, I'll admit it, I have a Palm LifeDrive PDA. This is sort of a long story. I don't know what I did last time I synced, maybe the second or third time I tried it but the computer didn't have any data on it. I had a problem before with the user name and and what ever and the LD ended up empty! There wasn't too much data on the LD since it was fairly new. I think I might have also tried to copy to the SD card, I have no idea what I did but everything was gone. Now the LD has a lot of data on it, and hasn't been backed up or synced, I'm afraid to mess it up again.

    I was going to re-install the Palm CD but was afraid I'd end up with a blank LD again. I thought I'd uninstall the LD software first and install the Centro CD. Is there some sort of option for transferring from another Palm product over to the Centro? I guess this wouldn't be a big deal if things were already working right. Any help or ideas would be great!

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