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    hi all
    i need to transfer all of my datebook6 calendar events from my old 755p to the centro. how do i do it?
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    If you're already syncing your 755 with Outlook, it shouldn't be a problem to sync events with the Centro. I upgraded from a 650, and all my categories in DB6 stayed the same. I did have to tweak the icons, colors and fonts for each category. Here's a tip: IF you use different colors, icons and fonts for the different categories, don't erase anything on your 755 until you have DB6 set up on your centro the way you like it. I set my 650 and centro side by side and tweaked DB6 on the centro so I had it exactly like on the 650. I've used it for several years and have it pimped out.

    Now coming from a 650, I only synced PIM data, nothing else. That involves renaming the backup folder, ect. Once PIM data was synced, I installed DB6.

    Hope that helps, feel free to ask more if it's not clear
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    Worst case scenario you can beam them over. My wife and I beam appointments all the time. But only one at a time. But you could beam the calendar database over too.

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