I'm looking for a bluetooth headset with 8 hours talk time on it. It's actually going to be used mostly for listening to music/video from my treo in the office, but I don't want headphones, because I need to hear when someone calls me from the other rooms.

I really don't want to fuss around with headset-specific chargers, and I don't want to have to wait for the thing to charge, or to remember to charge it. It's going to be in HEAVY use.

Are there any good ones out there that use replaceable batteries? Motorola had two, the HS810 and the H300 (I think), but they're both years old and might be discontinued. They use AAA batteries.

I think there are also some out there that use AAAA batteries, including one sold at the treocentral store. This would probably be perfect, being a lot smaller, but I can't find a good listing for rechargeable AAAA batteries (or especially AAAA -chargers-). Are there any out there that use rechargeable watch sized batteries? Perhaps that come with a charger and spare batteries (can I hope for a mini-USB charger? ) ?

I'm not an audiophile, but it needs to sound decent, and I'm really not interested in any headset that doesn't have replaceable, rechargable batteries, the smaller the better. I wear glasses and have strange shaped ears, so I'm particularly interested in ones that could attach to glasses or have ear clips.

There's got to be something out there like this. I'm open to suggestions.