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    Ok, I have searched everywhere and can not find anything on this..

    Have desktop 6.2.1 and I notice that whenever I delete an address contact, if I click "save archive copy" on the next synch it sure saves an archive copy.. it saves whatever I deleted in the address.ABA file, but IT OVERWRITES ANYTHING ELSE THAT WAS IN THE ARCHIVE FILE!!!!!

    So for example, I had 20 old contacts in my address.ABA file. I deleted one contact guess what? The new address.ABA file only has one entry in it, the new contact I just deleted and synched.


    Sorry for the all caps, but I can not believe this.. I use my TODO, MEMO, Datebook and address archive files as reference to make my lif easier. And now I can have no faith in the archiving feature.

    What is going on?
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    Ok, am really hoping for a solution here.. Palm 6.2.1 as noted in my previous ost overwrites your existing address archive file, whenever you delete and choose to save to archive another entry. So in my example, I had a bunch of old entries in my desktop address.aba archive file. But when I deleted one additional entry from my Treo and synched, the application overwrites the address.aba file and the result: new address.aba file with only one entry, the one or ones most recently deleted on the last hotsynch.

    I have just tested and found that the same thing happens for memo archives. I had 8 old deleted memos in my memopad.mpa archive file on the desktop. I created a test memo on my Treo, synched, and then deleted the test memo on my Treo, choosing to save it to the archive. The SAME THING happened: after the synch, the new memopad.mpa file only had the memo most recently deleted on the last hotsynch, all of my old memos in the archive file were wiped out, written over.

    This is not normal, and negates the entire purpose of an archive file. Does anyone have a solution? Anyone want to check out your address and memo archive files and see if the same happens to you?

    Am running 6.2.1 palm desktop on vista.

    Thanks for any help

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