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    I ordered a Body Glove Scuba Cellsuit from and got it in the mail yesterday. As always, Body Glove comes through with a very tight fitting, shock resistant case that looks great on the phone. My favorite cases in the world are made by Body Glove. No one else comes close from a protection standpoint. I have already dropped my Centro twice with it on and it has not effected the phone at all. It kinda just bounces because of the scuba material.
    The only complaint I have is that the screen is covered by a clear protector. Don't get me wrong, I wanted something with a protector over the screen that is permanent. But the problem is that it interferes with the touch screen especially with this cheap, flimsy, plastic stylus. The screen protector on the Body Glove case is elevated about 2 millimeters above the screen on the phone. So you really have to push the stylus to make contact with the touch screen. It just feels weird. But I will deal with it because I prefer to navigate using the buttons as much as possible as opposed to the cheap stylus. I don't think it would be an issue if there was a heavier weight metal stylus. But when you have to push that hard with the plastic one, it seems like it wants to bend in your hand.
    Overall, I do not regret getting this case. Body Glove offers wonderful, protective products for phones. I just wish they would have waited a bit longer to produce it so they could have come up with a way to make the screen protector actually come in contact with the screen.
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    Could you cut the plastic screen protector out? Or would that make the frame for the screen too loose then...

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    probably could cut the protector out because there is stitching around the frame of it. But for me personally, that would defeat one of the reasons I got the case. My first reason was to protect the phone when I drop it. The second is to have something permanent to protect the screen. I hate regular screen protectors. It seems like I go through one every couple of days because it always comes off while in my pocket. So I prefer something permanent. I actually just emailed Palm who I bought it from and told them about this issue. My request to them is to send me a heavier weight stylus when they become available. We will see what they say. I also mentioned the fact that I paid $30 for this case through them because I am a loyal Palm customer. But I could have went elsewhere and paid $10 (ebay), or $19 directly from this site.

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