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    My Treo 650 keyboard suddenly behave very strangely. When I press "w" key, the output becomes "z", when I press "a" it becomes "q" and "q" key becomes "a". I also notice that not all key buttons are map wrongly - only a few of them

    Anyone has experience this? would appreciate help on this, since it's driving me mad.

    Thank you so much.

    Ben Ong
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    Sounds like it is hard-reset time. Good luck
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    I have done hard reseting a couple of times, but this strange behavior still persists. Is there something wrong hardware-wise?
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    I just done a warm reset (reseting while holding on to the UP arrow on the 5-way navigation pad) and now it's OK!

    Thanks for the much appreciated help!
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    Wow, I'm glad the warm reset worked for you. Wonder what happened?

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