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    Forgive me if there is a post on this already, but I couldn't find it.

    Does anyone have any idea of how long it will be before Cingular / ATT will pick up the Centro?

    I assume it will happen eventually, just curious if there are any rumors of when it could happen??

    Does Sprint have them "locked in" for a certian amount of time, so no one else can legally support them?
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    I think that i heard sprint had a 90 day lock. so if there were to be a GSM version i am gessing Q1 2008. if palm does what they have in the past they may sell an unlocked GSM version.

    at least it is not a 5 year lock like the iphone.
    and an undetermined lock like the sidekick.
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    I've read 'early' 2008 .

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