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    I'm having a hard time making sense of the directions on their website. I'm running 10.3.9. Is it possible to download directly to the phone? If not, how
    do I install the .prc file into the Ram using Hotsync?
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    send the .prc over via bluetooth, that's what i do. then to install the driver, look in the usb modem folder that you downloaded to your desktop; there is a drivers folder. open the macosx one and drag the Mobile Stream CDMA driver into your modems folder at Library > Modem Scripts. follow the user guide for connection instructions.
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    Thanks for your help. Is there anything I need to disable in order to go undetected?
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    I think the app is designed so that there's no need to do that...I could be wrong though. But I use it sparingly just in case.

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