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    I just switched over from GSM Treo650 to CDMA Centro. So far fairly happy with the purchase and the EVDO speeds are fantastic in my area (ATT really sucked).

    One thing that I am trying to figure out is one of the icons that is displayed on the top right corner of the phone right next to the bluetooth icon (on left side of bluetooth icon). It is a black circle with a + sign overlaid on it. This icon always has a red slash across it meaning whatever service it represents appears to be disabled.

    I could not find any references in the manual at a first glance. So what is it ??

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    It's the Sprint location function. When you turn it on, or off, in the phone preferences, it will give you a description of what it does.
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    I believe it's your GPS/911 thingie. It is turned off, apparently.
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    this is the list from palm.

    the icon in question is for location service. if teh red slash is there only 911 can see where you are.
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    Thanks everyone. The subscription to that service costs 9.99 a month.

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