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    Hi, just received a Kingston mini sdhc 4G (class 4, not the class 6) card.
    But my 755p failed to recognize it. The CardInfo only shows there is a card with size "None".
    I have soft-reset the device with or without the card, and no luck.

    The strange thing is: after I tried the CardExport 2, connect and disconnect, the card is recognized by palm.

    I remembered someone mentioned similar experience somewhere(maybe not this site) before, but I can't find it by searching.

    I can live with it right now, but afraid one day I have to do the hard reset, the palm won't recognize the card, then I can't restore.

    Does anyone know what might be wrong?

    Thanks a lot.
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    I had a similar 'episode' recently where the same thing happened to my card (same manuf. though it's a micro-SD with an adapter). Once it was finally recognized I formated it through the palm card app and its been fine since then. Though it has a pretty slow transfer rate. Backups typically take about 10-15 minutes.
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    You mean you used card info application to reformat it?
    I probably should try it sometime in the future.

    So how did you make it recognized in the first place?

    When I got it work, I was so excited that I started to install stuff there.
    Later I realized probably I should format it to see if the problem is gone.

    For slower transfer rate, you probably can check if the allocation size is 32K after the format. I heard that is the optimal value for performance.
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    It's configured as FAT32 and has a 4k Cluster size, if that means anything to you.

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