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    Hi, I have a Treo 650.

    On Oct 28, I did a hot sync, everything seemed fine until I looked at the Palm calader and ALL future entries were now dated for Oct. 28, but the original entries were also there at the correct dates.

    I checked outlook, and everything was ONLY on the OCt 28 date. No errors in the log.

    I deleted all the Oct 28 entries on the Palm, thinking I could then sync and the entries would go into the correct dates on Outlook.

    This doesnt happen, Ive tried the different conduit settings and Outlook wont take the Palm's caladar entries. Again, no errors are in the log.

    Any idea how I can fix this without incurring data loss? thanks.
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    Are the appointments October 28th on your handheld or just outlook.

    This happened to me once and then I realized I changed the custom view of the calendar on Outlook to show only the creation date and so all my appoints moved to when I made them.
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    In Outlook they were all on Oct 28.

    On the handheld, they were duplicated to be on Oct 28, and also the original date.

    Now that I look, weird things have happened with tasks and contacts. Tasks are duplicated with no dates, and contacts with recent changes have been duplicated.

    I think there was a synch mishap :/

    I dont mind completely deleting the outlook profileand then resyncing to restore Outlook data, but I dont want to lose the email with the account either.
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    This is really weird. I am not sure the solution.

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