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    Is there a way to respond to emails and compose new emails using rich text or html using Goodlink? I'm on vesion

    All emails go out Plain Text form the device.
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    No. GMM does not support rich text nor html email.
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    Man - too bad; WinMo 6 does that natively, using EAS, and I really like my HTML formatted email that way.
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    I figure this feature should eventually make the rounds. WM6 has it built in, BB will have it in the next major version... GMM shouldn't be too far behind.
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    I beleive WM6 requires an exchange 2007 server to work with HTML mail (at least that's what I read on pdaphonehome)

    but here's the rub- snappermail and chattermail on the palm OS for like YEARS have had the ability to at least view HTML via IMAP or POP. has is it that the others are so slow to catch up? Those 2 apps were basically written by one person- so how come these bigger company's take soo long.

    If nothing else we should be able to read HTML by pushing it to the devices browser- no? If i remember snapper years ago that's what it used to do.

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