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    i cant find =, is there one? and it suks that i cant view away messages on aim.
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    When typing, type any symbol and then press the 'Alt' button. A dialog will pop up with accents and symbols. '=' is second row down, second from left.

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    Are you saying that on the Centro you can get any special symbol by hitting Alt, no matter what you just typed? This is not like the 650, on which you would type - (hyphen) and then press Alt to get equals sign and a few possible symbols associated with the hyphen. A different symbol such as is e<Alt>.

    If the Centro is different than the 650, is that new to the Centro or a 680/700/755 innovation?
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    The choices that come up are limited and I have noticed that typing something not even close to an = sign (on the 755, anyway), made the = not show up as an option. So I just make it a point to type a symbol that's close. Like the dash.
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    In answering heatscentro's question regarding the '=' on a Centro:

    Typing any one of these / + - * ( ) @ " , ' # . symbols, and then pressing 'Alt' button envokes a accents pop up with the '=' on it.

    Typing any one of these $ ! ? and pressing the 'Alt' button will envoke another pop up.

    Typing this & will do nothing but give you this &

    This is exactly the same on my MR'd 700p.

    I don't know about the 755, because I don't have one.

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