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    So I broke down and got 2 Centro's for myself and the wife. I have been using a 650 for 3 years. So far it's great, as many people here said it was.

    One problem on both phones: I tried the browser and the phone said it needed to download some software from Sprint. It was done in a minute and after that I was able to Blazer at warp speed However five minute later when I tried to Blaze a gain, the thing showed the same message about needing to download from Sprint. I let it the second time. After the 4th time I got sick and tired of it. I happened to need to reset the phone to get out of an endless loop caused by an app, and that seemed to fix the endless download from Sprint issue as well.

    Now my wife is running into the same problem.

    Did any one else experience this?
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    Yes. I performed a soft reset and it stopped requesting to reprovision vision services.
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    I experienced the same problem and called Sprint. They advised the soft reset. I did the reset about a week ago and have had no problems since.
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    Thanks. I guess it's a built-in introduction to the battery cover, which by the way wasn't as bad as I anticipated from various post here. I found the 650 battery cover as hard to open/close with the $20 hack.

    What's the "$20 hack?" Well, there is some space between the 650 cover and its battery, so it flexes. Some genius hacker suggested folding a $20 bill and place it between the battery and the cover. That solved the flex issue, and doubled as a place for emergency cash. It got me out of a bind many times. To me it was the best 3rd party application on the 650. I don't think you can do that with the Centro.

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