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    My 700p works great but if you plug in any connector to try to charge it, nothing happens - the little lightning bolt does not appear over the battery charge indication. So I've been swapping batteries in and out, since I've got a charger for just the batteries. But is there a fix for this? Maybe take it apart and do something?

    Looking at the base of the phone from the outside, there is no obvious thing wrong with the power connector.

    I'm not ready to go back to the store and exchange for 755 or whatever they are trying to swap for. Not quite yet, anyway...

    Thanks for any help that may be out there!
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    Two solutions:

    1. Go get a new phone, get the 755p. If you have had it for less than a year it comes with a year factory defect warranty. I take mine in every 6 months. I went in with my 755p yesterday and I am getting a new one Friday and it was just because one of the buttons would stick sometimes.

    2. Get a second battery and a standalone or cradle battery charger and always have a second battery ready. I have 4 batteries for emergencies etc.

    If I were you i would go get a free upgrade.
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    I have a 700P with a "P" key that sticks as well as an athena conncector that works sporadically.

    I have the insurance. I took it into the Sprint store to get another one. Since the P key technically works, they just handed it back and said I could call Asurion if I wanted another phone, but that's it. I don't really want a refurbed 700P and give them $50. If I could get a 755 I'd do it.
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    Just keep calling retention or going into the store. When I got my 650 from the 600 they gave me that same crap. I asked to see the manager and told him what I wanted and he gave it to me.
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    I had a similar problem but it only occurred with aftermarket chargers. I found I was able to correct it but taking the end of the charging cable and separating the two metallic contacts so they were slightly broader. After a while, I got tired of doing this and just returned it as it was still under warranty.
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    My problem also started after I began using the aftermarket charger, one that is sold here at treocentral and in which the treo stands upright plus there is another position for a battery that charges.

    I'll try bending the connectors.

    On the subject of upgrading 700p --> 755p, everyone agrees that's a good idea with no negatives except shorter battery life?
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    Only drawbacks going from a 700p to a 755p:

    1. Smaller battery capacity (this is a big drawback)

    2. MiniSD (max 4gb card size right now unless you use a 6gb microSDHC w/ adapter) vs. fullsize SDHC (more compatible & 16gb available now) on 700p.

    3. The d-pad's directional arrows & the space bar are not backlit on the 755p

    4. The hardware app launch buttons aren't as gaming-friendly on the 755p

    5. 755p has a cheaper/flimsier stylus (not a huge deal). Also, the keyboard keys are VERY SLIGHTLY smaller on the 755p than on the 700p. Since I have big, thick thumbs it was a bit harder to type speedily on the 755p than on my old 700p. I figure that a 3200mAh Seidio "rumpshaker" battery + door on the 755p would make things easier for typing if you can live with the increased size/weight.

    6. No reset button on the 755p. Not a drawback but just a minor annoyance. The battery door is also flimsier and a bit more wobbly on the 755p.

    Otherwise, I noticed less lag, better build quality overall, better spekaer/earpiece volume, brighter/whiter LCD, and marginally better voice and camera image quality on the 755p. Of course, the improved formfactor and rubberized paint are the most noticable improvements. Google Maps in ROM is a nice touch but I really wish Palm had put the Centro's newer apps & OS tweaks into the 755p.

    As far as the charging situation goes, buy one of those "charging pocket" battery chargers and maybe a spare battery and try to make do as long as you can. If ou're using a cheap aftermarket charger then definitely try a genuine Palm charger and see if that improves matters.
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    Good comments. I'm using 8gb now, with wikipedia 2005 and 2007, english and spanish, also bunches of mp3s. Back down to 4gb isn't an option, methinks.

    Got the charging pocket already and 3 batteries, threw away the old charger that caused this problem.

    Two final questions.

    1. Any hope for a linux treo or treo like device within the next year or two? Ain't going down that MS on palm road.

    2. Is the 755 earphone/mike jack the same old stupid breakable jack as the 600/650/700?
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    Have you tried using the hotsync cable to charge?
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    I just had this problem on both my 700p and My wife's 700p. I took them (Her's 1st) to my local sprint owned store. I had them show me the unit they were going to replace them with to make sure they had the update done. After they replaced the units I did a full restore and all is good. Only had to reinstall the wifes realtor key software. I do have full Ins on both. I was hoping for a 755.

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