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    on a 700P?

    I know this was possible on 650s / w Good installed. Can't seem to figure it out with 700p and 755ps...

    Is this still possible?
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    Really? Nobody knows?
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    I am using a 750 which is a WM device and it has been over a year since I used my 650 but you might try setting up your hot sync to synce contacts with your Outlook database (contacts only not email, notes, etc.). I am doing this with WM6 because my company has not started using the latest server version of GMM (5.0 too I think) and therefore my caller ID was not working because without the latest version of GMM on the server I can not have GMM sync to my 750's contacts. I believe you make these changes in the hot sync settings.

    I believe if memory serves me you still have your Treo contacts database on your device but they are just empty. If you do this be aware of a couple of things:

    It will appear that you have duplicates of every contact on your Treo even though one set will be GMM contacts (Good Contacts I believe) and the other will be on the Treo (just "contacts").

    Then set your picture caller ID and ringtones to the Treo contacts.

    It is a total "work around" because you are manually syncing contacts and defeating the designed purpose of GMM which is not to have to hot sync your device.

    I think if you push the hard button for contacts it will only show the GMM contacts but the search bar will bring up all of them.

    The first sync will take forever but then it should go quickly.

    I hope this works--if it creates havoc you should be able to just delete your Treo "contacts" and go back to where you were.

    One final note of caution you might want to see if anyone can tell you whether this might mess up your Outlook contacts if you do this and also if you later delete the Treo Contacts
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    I have been using Ringo to use mp3s for ringtones which is great. When I installed Goodlink yesterday it disabled Ringo but I set it back up again and now I have the ringtones back.

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