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    When I get new mail on my Gmail IMAP account, it gets pushed to Chatter very quickly, which is good. That's what I want . But... If I don't react immediately to Chatters notification, it will eventually die and go away, but the screen then won't turn off, and more importantly, *won't be locked*. What's up with that? It spends most of it's time in my pocket, and if I fail to notice it, which is likely, then I don't really want to do something stupid while it's unlocked...

    Oh, and I don't get the sounds. I have this issue with Snapper and Versa as well, and it seems that they all use the System pref to determine volume. And I leave that off because the key tones are just annoying, and it will often stop my music to play some little tone somewhere, which is just not cool... . Is there a way around this, or am I just ****ed?

    I want to use Chattermail, and I can deal with the second problem far more easily than the first, but that first one is basically a deal breaker.

    Also, dislike the auto-censor.
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    Turn off the pop up feature while your Treo is sleeping (menu->Pref->notifications) and use the nag feature
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