Hi guys,

SMS Commander 1.04 has been officially released. Here are some of the improvements:

1. NEW: List the available applications remotely and run a specific app arbitrarily.
2. NEW: Stronger protection against SIM card change. For GSM Treo only.
3. NEW: Added option to register your Treo's mobile number. This feature will let you know right away if someone has changed the SIM on the Treo. For GSM Treo only. NOTE: Radio must be on to retrieve the own number.
4. NEW: Added option to add a fixed prefix to the command. This feature will come handy if you are using an email or SMS gateway. You can now either send the normal SMS command or [sms gateway added text] [normal SMS command].
5. NEW: Added cmd:regnum command.
6. NEW: Added cmd:gateway command.
7. NEW: Added cmd:applist command.
8. NEW: Added cmd:apprun command.
9. UPDATED: cmd:help command.

Please get it at:


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