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    Hello. I have Palm Treo 650 CDMA. Can Treo support Dual Number like Kyocera 7135. I don't want to use two Numbers in the same time. I want to change the number if I want to call to number on another Provider. Is there any programm that can give this oportunity.
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    Funny, I just got this link in my Treo 650 GMail Google Alert.
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    This is not what I'm looking for. As I understand this application\company retransmit call by Internet and then call to reciever phone. This is additional payment.

    Now a lot of phones can have 2 or more numbers. Active is only ONE and I want the same. E.g. some program change A-Key, MIN, Channel and ect. then phone reset (Hard Reset?). Phone ON and it is in another mobile network. Like when you load a new firmware update.
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    Try GrandCentral. It uses the internet but does not cost right now as it is still in beta.

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    I'm from Kyrgyzstan. This servise is only for US, I can't use such services.
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