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    Today I was just swapping out my battery and just as I put in the new battery I had a calendar reminder pop up.

    Well my 755 went into a power reset every time I tried to go into calendar. This happens every now and then, but usually a warm reset followed by a soft reset usually takes care of things. Well not today. It took me about 3 hours to fix the problem. I did numerous hard resets, warm resets, soft resets. I took the battery out and let it clear out for a while. after all of this and about a dozen sync's I got everything to work again.

    I have had this problem on three different 755p's. So I know other folks must have the same problem.

    Anyone have any ideas or advice what is causing this?
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    Possibly a corrupt contact entry. dbScan can cure this. I will post a link to Bill Gamble's "fix it" post when I am at a PC.
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