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    Does anynone know if TomTom 6 bluetooth GPS will work with the Centro? (I know that previously it did not work with the 680 and the 750, but this was patched by TomTom. )
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    I have it working just fine. I did need to apply the 680 patch though in order for the TomTom software to work.
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    sweet. I've been trying to figure this out for a couple weeks.

    I saw that patch for the 680 somewhere (on or

    I was wondering if you knew the link by chance?

    It used to just crash on me as soon as I clicked "Agree" on the TomTom's Green screen. A couple times it took me to be able to select the language... I'll give this a try
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    Has anyone tried the Earthcomber on a Centro?
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    I tried the 680 patch, but when I start tomtom it won't load past the country selection screen that comes up the first time it is loaded. All the 680 patch seems to have done is prevent my Centro from rebooting from this screen.

    Was there anything else you did to get the patch to make the sw work correctly on your Centro?
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    Nevermind. I rebooted the phone and I was able to get past the country selection screen.

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