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    I am thinking of getting a red Centro and noticed that the $100.00 rebate on the black Centro is only valid until 11/03. Do you think that a new rebate will be issued for both colors on 11/04, or is the $100.00 Centro promotion going to end soon? What do you think? Thanks for your input.
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    Probably there will be another round of rebate, otherwise the Centro will be priced as high as the 755p.

    You can always buy one on ebay for 300, yes I asked Sprint you can get insurance as long as its new.
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    There was some early market buzz about the Centro eventually being offered for free (with 2 yr. contract). I think Palm and the carriers are trying to get what they can for it now, because its a new offering and probably the best smart phone on the market for that price, but eventually it likely will be offered as a free phone with contract.
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    I bought the black and Im trading it in for Red next week. Im sending in my rebate as a black.
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    Thanks a lot for all your help. I have a 700wx and am getting this for my sister. She wants to get the red one, but if there's going to be a $100.00 difference I may convince her to get the black one. Hopefully there will just be another round of rebates for both.

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