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    I checked out eBay and there are over 600 items listed on 14 pages under Centro. You get a lot fewer items under Palm Centro. There are pouches, cases, skins, car chargers, micro SD cards, BT headsets, new Centros, which surprised me and some OEM accessories. I'd say there are more pouches than anything else. Some of the Centros are going for $300? I've found some great silicon skins with a clip on eBay for my LifeDrive. What's that?
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    I think buying it off ebay is a real option. I can sell my 650 for around $150 with all my options dropping my out of pocket down to $150 but it saves me from changing my vision plan to a $25 plan (allowing me to keep my $5 plan). Granted I could change this after about 30 days but that brings my cost down to $130. I save another $10 to $15 in tax so my price difference is about $15 and I don't have to give an extra 2 years to sprint. I might stay with sprint when my contract runs out I have a lot more negotiation power.

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