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    Did anybody get the update to work, as far as maintaining a Bluetooth pairing?

    I installed the update for my girlfriend (for the second time), and while this time it fixed the issue she had with data access -- e.g., Blazer connection -- it did nothing to solve the dropped pairing between her Treo and her $120 Jawbone headset. It also won't hold a pairing with my older headset, so it's not the Jawbone.

    I'm pretty pissed, and because she doesn't want to confront Verizon, I'm the one that's gonna be stuck calling them up and ripping them to pieces. Before I get into that, I just wanted to see if it was possible I missed anything.

    (For the record, after the update she does have the correct version listed under Phone Info.)
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    If you manually installed the MRs and still have issues, it is very possible the phone itself had HW that was not very "happy" with the updates. I had a similar case with a phone that, after I manually installed the MR twice, still had seveal errors (Error 3000) and lag and whatnot.

    How I solved it was contacting VZW and them sending me a replacement unit. The unit arrived and so far is has not given me ANY serious problems. My headset pairs up and stays paired for as long as I need it. I can connect to the data services whenever I want and the phone is more responsive.

    So perhaps that's the way to go here?
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