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    I am a GMail user and have been reading a lot about the new option for IMAP rather than POP3. I am debating making the switch, but need some advice from those who are wiser than me on the differences.

    I currently access my primary GMail account using Outlook 2003 on my laptop computer. I also have this Gmail account setup to forward all messages to a secondary GMail account which I use to access my mail on my Treo. By using two accounts, I am able to leave my laptop connected and Outlook running and downloading my messages from my main email account, while also working out on the job site and accessing my messages on my Treo through the second account. Any messages I send from my Treo are also copied to my main account so I have a record of all sent messages.

    I use Outlook for all of my email management, with a substantial folder system for organizing my messages. I only use the GMail web interface to search through the spam folder for messages mistakenly flagged as spam.

    If I convert my primary Gmail account from POP3 to IMAP, would I be able to eliminate the need to forward my messages to a second account to also access them with my Treo? Would the IMAP change destroy my Outlook folder structure?

    Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I haven't found a straightforward answer in my research up to now.
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    I think the consensus is IMAP is good, but Gmail IMAP is not that good. Forwarding to another IMAP account is still a "cleaner" solution, atleast till we get used to the Gmail Labels -> IMAP Folders translation.
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    Actually, I am having no problems with the labels to IMAP folders issue. I use IMAP for my work mail and I don't see that big of a difference between that and the way gmail uses the labels. I set up my home pc and my treo with gmail imap. I am using snapper for the treo and thunderbird for my pc. I do not need push mail, so that is a non factor. Thunderbird picked up my labels as folders right away and synced the email headers for all 5k+ emails I have. I did have one label with a slash in between two words and tbird saw that as a nested folder, so I just changed the label and it corrected itself. For Snapper on my Treo, I really don't want all those emails, so I am not syncing all my labels/folders. In Snapper, you have to add the imap labels/folders that you want to sync. Now, I did add my AllMail folder, but just the last weeks worth of emails. If you move an email from your inbox to your allmail folder in Snapper, it will archive it without a label in gmail. Since all my emails go to my inbox in gmail anyway, I really have no need of all of my labels. If I have a need later on, I may add those in Snapper.
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    I used mail2web for Gmail.

    open a free mail2web account at

    go to Gmail and click settings, then forwarding / POP, forward all emails to ""
    I keep a copy on the gmail server too (default)

    setup new account in Versamail, input your mail2web email addy and password, select Outlook (EAS)

    login name is "" and password is your password.
    server is ""

    Keep the other settings the same (at least I did). There are some other preferences you might want to change later, but as for the server settings, I think the defaults are fine.

    the mail2web account is limited in size, so make note of that. They have cheap services for the paid accounts too - like $5 a month

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