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    I seem to have an SMS thread that causes my phone to reset when opened or when I try to delete. On hard reset, it gets put back in when I hotsync. can anone shed some guidance on fixing this??

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    You have to delete the text messaging files from your computer as well as from your Treo- otherwise they will show back up in your text messages.
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    I have the same problem on my treo 700p there seems to be a message I can't delete. I want to be able to delete it from my treo and my pc. Is there a post that describes deleting SMS threads from both.
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    I had this same problem.. It's caused by a corrupted file Messages_Database.pdb

    Here is how I fixed it:
    First, delete all the SMS messages on a working Treo... Then use FileZ to beam this file from the working Treo onto the bad Treo, overwriting the corrupted file.

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