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    Not quite sure if this was a 755 thread or an accessories thread.

    I bought the good ole' folding infrared keyboard for my 700p and it was useless. I could use it, but once it was "disconnected" and I did something else on the 700p and came back to it it wouldn't work. I think I read that the drivers were bad. If I wanted to get it going again I had to do a soft reset. Needless to say that got old in a hurry.

    Has anybody had any luck with the 755? I think Palm's site still does not have it listed as a compatible Treo for the infrared keyboard.

    Has anybody used, tried, and liked the BT version? With all of the Treo issues with BT I wondered if this was as much of a hassle as the headsets. My Palm Ultralight headset pairs and works, but disconnects quite frequently. I would think with a keyboard that will be equally frustrating.

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    I have the infrared version and despite what it says on Palm's site is does work just fine for me.
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    Well I guess that is good to know.

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    I had a similar problem with my T/X. I fixed it by deleting the keyboard app. and then reinstalling it. I haven't tried using the keyboard on my 755P yet (as the T/X has a wider screen and I'm old and can't see the text as well on the 755P), so this may not solve the problem you're having.
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    I had another thought, and this one is so obvious that it almost alluded me. When I first got my infrared keyboard, I didn't realize it was a "line of sight" device. You have to make sure that the little bar with the infrared port is facing the same edge of your treo that has the infrared port or it won't work. Again, not sure if this helps, but sometimes its the little obvious stuff that causes the problem.

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    Ha ha - no it was definitely a driver issue. After I would do a soft reset it worked great. Then I would put the keyboard away and do something else. Ten minutes later if I wanted to use the keyboard again I had to do another soft reset to make them see each other again.
    The driver gets installed into the Treo to the point that to get rid of it you have to do a hard reset which when I have had to do these in the past with the 755 it royally messes up my exchange server commuication for a few days. So I am trying to see if anyone has had success before I take the plunge again and go through this process.
    I wasn't sure if the bluetooth version was any better for basically the same reasons. I would guess there would not be any software to install (but I could be wrong) and they would simply communicate by bluetooth. However, this is still spotty at best with a 755 (my Palm Ultralight headset comes disconnected about 30 seconds after I end a phone call pretty routinely).
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    Well, I came home and tried my Treo (755P) on the keyboard and it works fine. The drivers are fine.
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    Well that is good to know.
    I guess I would love to hear back from you in a day or two after you have not used the keyboard for awhile to see if it does the same thing. Then again maybe I had a bad 700p or something at the time and it just wasn't going to work correctly.

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