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    Neat app btw and it doesn't crash my Centro like one of the older versions

    Out of curiosity: are you going to add SMS support (to launch a message from a contact)?

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    Yes, i'm hoping to add sms some time later
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    Just got the new version, I am really liking it. Anyway to have it default to digit dialing if contact searching fails. ie If i type in 541 on the keyboard and do not have a contact named fde it will recognize this and know that I want to dial the numbers instead?
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    Too bad you dont have a contact named "fde" :-)
    It is a good idea and i will see if i can manage to put it into the program.
    Right now the development will be slow cause i've got exams at the universtiry
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    Thanks, and good luck on the exams.
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    Program is a bit updated to v.0.93
    - Various bugfixes in favorites, Appointments, scrolling
    - Some changes in skinning
    Download as usual
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    I installed the new version yesterday, and whenever I try to set white font, I get the following error: 'An unexpected error has occured! The application will terminate now.' I then need to go back into the app and assign the wallpaper again.
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    Try downloading from the same link and please post what error do you get. I disabled the try-catch thing.

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    I downloaded and installed, now getting the following error message:'Error 10:Subscript out of bounds' I also get the same thing when trying to set the selector to white. Thanks

    Merry Christmas!
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    Great software. Just one thing, it takes a long time to load when started from the favorites button. Looks great!
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    I tried to select the white font, and the program crashed. and it won't list the contacts now. I just removed it for the time being.
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    Hello and happy holidays everyone.
    I think i have isolated the program. Redownload v0.942 to see if the problem is gone
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    No problems now! I can use white text and white selector. I like the option to remove the seperator lines. A minor issue, when I go in to change the selector color, I need to select a picture and white text again, like it loses the previous setting. This is quite minor, overall this is my favorite of the recent crop of contact managers! Good work!
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    In new version on Centro: Get "Error 5: Invalid parameter" when I select a contact *only* under Favorites.

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    Issue corrected. Please redownload v0.943
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahsirg View Post
    Issue corrected. Please redownload v0.943
    all better.

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    The touchbok software works great except for one little problem that I have. I got the software from a friend and he has a 755. I have the centro. The problem that i am having is when there is a picture attached to a contact or i try to add a different background image it gives me an "error 66:Library not found". has anybody else had this issue? my friends 755 doesn't have this problem.
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    You need to install
    it is in the archive with the software!
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    two bad issues:
    - It takes almost 5 seconds to start the software
    - I get "Error 1: Out of memory" message many times when trying to view a contact's info.

    I would also like to see the contact's email address, with an emailing button, similar to 2cool4U.

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    jrgutierrez, what device are you running?
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