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    Hi all - I'm sure somebody's covered this but I didn't find much in a search.

    Basically - how can I bring over my old apps from my 755 to my Centro, without having to pay for the registration keys again? This is assuming that I have probably deleted the PRCs from my computer, and I don't know/remember if one can look up the reg key used to license installed software within the app itself.

    Thanks in advance
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    you legally are allowed to put the software on you're new Centro. If the existing code doesn't work, call or email the company and say you need a new one for the Centro. You're not upgrading versions or anything.

    You should even be able to enter the reg code into the program on the centro unless it is device specific like Agendus is from Iambic. I need to have it updated, but it doesn't cost anything.
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    I used the same sync name and all registration keys worked.
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    If you keep your hotsync ID the same, most of your software (assuming it works on the Centro to being with) will come up registered. Or if they don't, entering in your reg key again should fix that.

    Some software however generates a 'hardware id' code based on different things in your device. They use that plus your hotsync id to generate a reg code. Since your hardware is changing, software that registers this way will need to get new codes. You'll need to contact the developer, give them your software version number, reg code or hardware id/hotsync id and they should give you a new code.

    This is also a good opportunity to update your software. Even though the Centro uses the same processor and software as every treo since the 650, there's always compatibility issues to be worked out.

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