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    First off, I am a nub, and I admit it. Don't get overly technical unless absolutely necessary. Go easy on me. :-)

    Two problems....

    1)I have a Treo700p on Treo700p-1.10-SPNT software. Ever since I updated, I have a sound lag problem on ringtones and text messages.

    For instance on the text messaging I use the "Alarm" tone. It sounds like a doorbell "ding-dong" but all I hear now is the "" Ringtones do the same thing too. The first half-second or so of sound is missing then it fades in suddenly to full blast. I don't have escalating ring tones on, so no, that's not it.

    2) I have a second problem as well. When I press my Voicemail key (1), it dials 0000000000. It says 0000000000 in the Phone Number section of the info tab. Any idea how to fix that? I switched to my old Samsung phone and when I came back and followed Sprint's instructions on the phone that happened.

    I searched around the forums and have come up empty. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for ANY help! I appreciate it.
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    Wow. GG forums.

    Gregg G. - New Orleans, LA
    Treo 700p on Sprint

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