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    When my 700wx works, it works great. But I am on my 3rd since Feb. and this one is causing me some problems.

    I called tech support and they will give me a 4th one since I have total protection plan, but I am wondering about going to Palm.

    Co-worker of mine just had Sprint switch him from 700p to 750p and he is happy. He also seems to get better signal when we are standing side by side.

    Centro seems interesting for all it offers, as I found I don't make full use of the Windows Mobile platform.

    Just curious of your opinions.
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    I was using a Wx and made the switch to Centro. I have no regrets at all making the change. Granted, I have used it but a few days, but, I can already tell it's much better for what I need. No watching the hypnotic color circle when you launch and app and BT works great.
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    I'm not a convert, so much as a mobile OS swinger

    Try the Centro. It sounds perfect for what you need it for.

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    I too came from a 700wx, before that a PPC 6700. A lot of friends had PALM units and raved about the operating system, how much more stable and user friendly it was. And I agree... I really like my Centro, have had it for a couple of weeks now. The only thing I miss about Windows based phones is the amount of tweaking and customizing that can be done. Starting now to learn what all I can do with the PALM OS...

    I now have a phone that I can easily slip into my pocket, call quality is very good, use with MS exchange no problems, better signal strength, and the battery is just as good as the 700wx. I am a happy camper...
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    I've been a fan of phones running Windows and have had 2 700wx. Like you, I experienced a GREAT deal of problems with the wx. It seemed like nothing on the phone was reliable. I was a bit hesitant to switch over to the Palm OS but I did anyways and I'm deeply impressed with the Centro. Not only is the size and feel of it a benefit but the operating system feels and responds so reliably. I highly recommend the change. You'll be glad you did.
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    just have to see if Sprint will let me, either through ins. or the fact that this will be #4 in 8 months.
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    I just switched a couple weeks back and am loving it. The 700wx is a great device, but I was really looking for a smaller phone. In fact, after my 650 died a year ago, I debated going to a smaller music/camera phone, but decided I couldn't live without a thumbboardd and a decent (ok, marginally decent browser).

    I could go either way with Palm vs. WM(5). I really, really liked being able to multitask (start downloading emails while surfing the web), but it's not like you can do it without penalties on WM. The Palm is definitely more responsive and I'm planning to keep it that way (I use to install everything under the sun, but am going to hold off as much as I can).

    There definitely are more slowdowns with WM5, but it does look much better and I thought I had a pretty good setup with all the SPB products (mobile shell, etc).

    Anyhow, thte size of the Centro is what's selling me on the phone. Some surprises with switching back to the Centro: Kinoma Player + podcasts, On Demand, working GMail java app, easy + stable mp3 ringtones (minitones). Biggest disappointment: Opera Mini is soooo unstable that I got rid of it. It is a really truly awesome app with a fast internet connection, but man, couldn't get it going for more than a day or so.
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    anyone have luck with switching over without cost? I'm under contract but am on my 4th wx in 8 months; under total protection not breakage or loss. Sprint phone rep & corp store will only give me another wx. same for Asurion if I did a claim. its not like I'm asking for a more expensive phone.

    any suggestions?

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