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    Is it just me or does it seem to take forever for a backup to run. I used to have the Treo 650 and although I know that I'm backing up about 3 times the amount of memory that the 650 had it just seems to take forever. I've tried both NVbackup and BackupBuddy VFS (which I've used for years). Each of those takes about 10-15 minutes to back up. Is it just me (bad card with slow write time) or is this more the norm?
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    How much data are you backup up (need this to guesstimate if it's long or short)?

    I just tell mine to do it at 3:30am so I don't know how long it takes....

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    That is much too long. I am hitting the 3 minute period myself. Ben
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    I have about 35 megs of memory in use. I just did a backup with NVbackup and it took 18 minutes. I also tried the current version of BackupBuddy and it was about the same. I have a 4gig Micro SD in an adapter that is relatively new (a month old). I'd hate to think I got a lemon. As long as it keeps working for everything else I probably won't spend the money to replace it, I can live with long backups because, well I'm asleep when it normally does the backup, though at some point I guess I'll want to replace it.
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    A 4GB SD card is outside the standards of the SD Card Association. They tend to have really slow write speeds. You may be better off with an SDHC card.
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    I have a 2GB SanDisk mini and I agree backups take much longer on the 755P. I backup the Treo at the same time I backup the TX with a 2GB Sandisk, and the TX is done way before the Treo using NVBackup and Resco Backup. I am sure it is close to 15 minutes. I never timed it.
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    The card is a 4gig SDHC. I did a little test, I put a 64mb transflash card (same as microSD) in and the backup was very fast. I then put the 4gig card into my wifes Centro and there it was slow as well, so it definately is the card. Oh well, as long as it works.
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    Should it be formated FAT32 or just FAT?

    EDIT: Ok did a little searching and found it is suppose to be FAT32, hence the higher capacity.
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