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    Is there anyway or any tools that merging 2 calendars into 1?

    I have 2 User Names in my 2 Palm devices. Each have their own calendar entries. I would like to consolidate/merge them into 1.

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Well, this may not be exactly what you are looking for, but it is similar. By the way, syncing multiple calendars has been a frustration with Palm users for years (or at least it keeps coming up in the forums without an adequate answer).

    Anyway, my wife and I each have our own palm devices with separate calendars (obviously). We used to sync via Wesync (and later ClearSync) over the net so we could share calendar data. (The benefit here was that our calendars could be displayed together but remain separate). However, I have not been happy with the changes in ClearSync recently and they seemed to become less stable in recent years, as well. BUT, recently I switched my wife and I both over to sync calendars via MS Outlook (instead of Palm Desktop) and set them to sync through to the same profile. Apparently, the sync conduit that comes with your palm will allow you to sync 2 separate usernames to the same Outlook profile, thus syncing the calendars.

    My wife and I have been doing this for 2 months with few glitches and continue to have two calendars that are up to date and individually editable. I also sync my palm with my work computer which throws another wrinkle into the mix but since I stopped syncing one of the systems via bluetooth ALL glitches have disappeared.

    If you just want to merge the calendars one time, I think you could do a variation on this by syncing both palms to the same outlook profile one time (or a second time for the first device to make sure it got all the changes too) and then going back to the way you presently sync for your main device. Does that make sense?
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    You could also send a category by bluetooth to the new device. Calendar-->Menu-->Send Category-->Select category. This also gives you the option on the new device to overwrite the category with stuff from the old one or incorporate with the new devices categories. You can do this category by category or choose all. Used this method while knocking the dust off the old Tungsten T5 and experimenting this past weekend. I suppose this would work with beaming also.
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